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Fitness consistency with a touch of adventure! Are there easy ways to change my fitness and add accountability to my life? Is mindset really that important to what I want? These are just a few of the questions Fitness Consistency & Adventure Coach Kelly Howard dives into each week on the Being Fit is Freedom Podcast. Being FIT and happy is as much about mindset, habits, and dreams as it is about skipping the scale and learning tools that keep you working out, consistently! It’s putting yourself first so you can create the energy, confidence, vitality, and freedom you need to turn dreams into a reality, conquer the corporate ladder, or confidently take that adventure bucket list trip you’ve always dreamed of. Discover why 10,000’s successful women turn to Kelly to master their mindset and gain a new outlook on health, fitness, weight loss, and living a life of freedom and fun.

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3 days ago

Episode Summary
This summer, we are getting super fit! We’re changing things up, trying new things, and kick starting our health and fitness! 
If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I am all about making slow changes over time. I’m all about starting small and starting slow, creating consistency, and building a strong foundation to a fitter and healthier life! 
But sometimes, you just need to mix it up! 
I’ve had a lot of my listeners asking for more information about my new Superfit for Summer program, and this Episode of the Fit is Freedom does just that! I’ll walk you through why I’m flipping the script and spicing things up this summer! 
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SuperFIT For Summer
What is it?
SuperFIT for Summer is a program I’m hosting in which we will try a different aspect of fitness each week. We’ll take what you like and ignore the rest, finding things that really move the needle for you and your fitness journey! 
In addition to challenging ourselves and trying new types of fitness, we’ll be throwing in a lighter version of our sugar freedom program, exploring fat loss versus muscle loss, and so much more! 
Is it right for me?
SuperFIT for Summer is right for you if you’ve found yourself in one (or all) of the following situations…
Growing bored of your routine
Noticing the needle isn’t moving for you anymore
Wanting something different
Need a challenge (and some structure) for the summer months
Want to join a fun group of go-getters!
Three Actionable Takeaways…
1. Get Excited
Trying new things and shaking out all of the cobwebs is exciting! Take some time to really think about how fun it will be to join a group of people who are looking forward to the same things.
2. Register at 
Once you’ve let the excitement kick in, take the time to follow through and register! 
3. Envision the Future You
Think about what end-of-summer you will be like. Will you be more confident? More fit? More connected with a community?
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Monday May 13, 2024

What is the Most Important Habit for Fitness? 
As the Fitness Summit interview wrapped up, the Host tossed out one more question my way; “Kelly, what do you think is the most important fitness habit someone can have?” 
I’m sure she was expecting me to answer something like; fitness consistency, doing things you love, moving every day. 
The stuff that I always talk about. 
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I wasn't expecting this question so I paused for a second and thought “what is the number one action that leads to a healthier life everyday”? 
A good night's sleep. 
When we sleep, we heal. 
Sleep elevates our mood. 
Gives us a healthier heart. 
Lowers our cortisol. 
Increases our immune system. 
Clears our brain. 
Allows our bodies to rebuild.
When you sleep, you renew. You create a day filled with cascading good options! 
How to Sleep Better
Here are a few of the things I do to get a great night’s sleep:
A good sleep environment is dark, cool and quiet. 
Bringing work to bed ensures your brain will stay active long after the day is done.  This includes your laptop and your unfinished worries of the day. If you wrap up your day with a clear view of what is in store tomorrow, it will help alleviate stressful thoughts during the night.
Stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Stop drinking caffeine by the early afternoon and alcohol a few hours before bed.
Sugar can contribute to poor sleep as well.
Stop the scroll. Social media and TV is designed to keep us looking, and thus keep us awake!
Sleep Gear:
White noise machine 
Mouth Guard if you grind your teeth
Blue light glasses 
Use a red light for reading
Journal if you are having trouble with your thoughts
Instead of melatonin use a product called deep sleep.
If you use screens, like a kindle, turn down the brightness (or use the Easy Eyes app) and read something that isn’t too engaging. 
Use one of the many sleep trackers to verify your sleep quality as your sleep improves; Oura Ring, WHOOP, FitBit, Apple Watch etc!
Insert button here → Grab this FREE TIP SHEET and you’ll get thirteen more sleep tips! 
Sleep for Your Health
Remember, when we sleep we heal.  Sleep is a non-negotiable in life. By making a few small tweaks, you’ll get a more restful night and a healthier body!
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Monday May 06, 2024

In this episode, I’ll share a client’s story who has been with me for THREE YEARS! This is the fourth installment of my mini series where I share REAL results from REAL Fit is Freedom members. 
Journey to Reaching Your Goals: A Client’s Story 4
Is three years too long to go from flabby and unmotivated to having your Pilates instructor stop in front of you and say: "You have killer arms"?Yes, three years feels like such a long time, but time flies when your life is rocking!  
But, it wasn’t always the case.
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Where it Started
Three years ago she was, in her words…
“I was doing a terrible job of motivating myself, and I had quit taking care of my body. In my mind, nothing was more important than work. Exercise was a thing of the past. My body didn't feel great, and my mind was foggy. My good mood was gone and I didn’t feel right. I’d tried accountability with a friend, but as you say, Kelly, it doesn't work with a friend because a friend will always let you off the hook. I was sure that with a group of women I didn't know, I would feel more accountable. So true, right? I also needed guidance, not even sure where to start. I was looking for a place to start, motivation and the support I needed to keep going!”Results
Her first big wins?
Better sleep & eliminating painful knees!
“The very first big win I had was sleep. I sleep now.:) I was sleeping very poorly, and I didn't realize how much lack of exercise was affecting my health. Getting out of pain was huge too. I’d had knee surgery a year before, and my knee was okay, but not terrific. What it needed was for me to move it, but I thought using it would hurt it more, until we started talking and I started moving. (Now it's doing what knees are supposed to do)”
Her next big wins?
Vitality, energy, a happy mindset & strong, fit legs!
“I didn’t have energy, plus I’d become flabby. After a few months in the group I remember one very specific day. I was walking down the stairs in my house, and caught my reflection in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. WOW. My legs looked so much better, and they felt so much stronger. I'm thin, so I could put on clothes and hide my lack of muscles, but that doesn't mean I didn’t feel it inside. I wanted to feel great. So strengthening and toning were big game changers for me. And my happy mindset is back.”
Of course, there were setbacks along the way, it’s life, right?
She had some injuries, she had some pain, but she had a plan. She had accountability. She had support and she always got back on track. That's what happens when you master fitness consistency. Even when you get offtract or life throws you curveballs, you trust yourself to restart because you're a new woman now!And the wins just keep coming!
Today, her energy, health, body, mind, and fun are priorities in her life and her excitement is infectious. She still runs an extraordinarily successful real estate practice without letting her business run her life.
She even finds time to lead some of the Fit is Freedom Adventures, like kayaking and hiking the San Juan Islands and Dog Sledding in the winter!
Life just keeps getting better. Jenny has learned the magic trick; when you give yourself the gift of fitness, you give yourself the life you’ve always desired.
What do you want from this one precious life you have?
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Monday Apr 29, 2024

In this episode, I’ll be walking you through a client’s story who has been with me for TWO YEARS! The first episode in this series shared a client’s successes who has only been with me three months. The second episode shared a client of 6 months.
This is the third installment of my mini series where I share REAL results from REAL Fit is Freedom members. I’ll show you, the viewers, what to expect (and how long it will take) when you embark on your own health and fitness journeys! 
Journey to Reaching Your Goals: A Client’s Story 3
Two years is a long time to be dedicated to something! Some would even say that doing something for two years would prove that you are a committed person. Well, that wasn’t the case when this client first jumped on board. Let’s discuss her story; where she was, where she is, and where she is headed.
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Where it Started
This particular client referred to herself as “so flipping inconsistent” when it came to her health and fitness. She felt really discouraged after having tried so many fad diets, and she was in a lot of pain. Her knees and hips hurt, and she was finding that she had less and less energy to get up and do things she once enjoyed.
Plan of Action
Because my client had tried so many things in the past that didn’t work, I wanted to emphasize the importance of her plan, showing her that it’s more like a recipe that we’re putting together that works just for her. Based on what we learned from our initial phone call, here was our plan…
Mindset Shift
My client was so down on herself. Her self esteem was shot, and she didn’t think she had it in her to be consistent with anything. I knew we needed to address that mindset first! 
The best way to shift her mindset was for her to start collecting evidence that she WAS capable of being consistent and changing her lifestyle!
Find Enjoyable Movement
I knew if we were going to need to find little wins to prove she was capable, we needed to find a movement for her that was fun! She wasn’t ready for the gym yet, and that simply didn’t excite her. She did, however, enjoy jazzercise! So we started there! 
Add Accountability
With jazzercise, this client would often watch the videos at home, but not fully commit! Because of this, I challenged her to get up and go to a class! That added not only a new twist, but also some accountability!
Start Mornings Right
Another thing my client already did that we capitalized on was journaling. Instead of simply journaling about anything in the morning, I also challenged her to add some information about her fitness journey in order to track her progress. 
Year 1
By the end of her first year with Fit is Freedom, she had lost 3 inches in her hips. She was fitting better in her clothes and feeling more confident. Her pain was less, and, most importantly, her confidence in herself was growing exponentially! The end of year one was met with excitement and momentum to keep going! 
Year 2
Now that she is in her second year, she has graduated to more resistance training. She is upping her game in the world of health and fitness, and she now sees herself as someone who is active. She no longer worries about giving up on her fitness journey because it has now become a part of who she is! Talk about an incredible mindset shift in such a short amount of time! 
Three Takeaway Tips
Every person I work with is unique and brings on different lessons and takeaways! Here are my three takeaway tips you could learn from this client…
Are you at a point where you’re ready to just draw the line in the sand? Are you ready to schedule a call with me? It only takes one thing to move the needle in the right direction, and you’ve got to decide you’re ready before you get going! 
Don’t Rush
Baby steps are key! Take your time and don’t rush yourself into burnout. The best health and fitness journeys are more tortoise and less hare.
Track Your Progress
Journal your process. Write out how you’re feeling, how you want to feel, and what you’re doing to make a change. Looking back and seeing what all you’ve accomplished is simply a special feeling.
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Monday Apr 22, 2024

This is the second installment of a mini series of the Fit is Freedom Podcast in which I share REAL stories from REAL Fit is Freedom members!
In the first installment, I shared about a client’s 3 month journey. For this episode, I’ll be walking you through a member who has been with me for about 6 months and taking a deep dive on her trials and successes along the way! 
Journey to Reaching Your Goals: A Client’s Story 2
This particular client came to me at a time when her life felt like it was quickly shrinking. She had recently retired, very slim and fragile with a lot of hip, knee, and shoulder pain, and she was simply not having any fun.
Her life was feeling bleak and dim, and she knew she wanted something different for this new phase of her life. She didn’t want her life to shrink, she wanted to find new ways for it to expand and grow.  So, we set her up with an action plan and got to work! 
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Establish an Action Plan
As with all of my clients, we set up a customized action plan. For this client, I wanted her to find the joy in her life again, but before we could do that, we needed to get her out of pain. Here’s the action plan I developed in order of importance…
Like I mentioned, I needed to get her working on her mobility ASAP. She was weak and a little underweight, but before we can add muscle, we needed to get her moving with some mobility. 
Find the Fun
Once she was moving her joints and warming them up properly, I challenged her to do 2-3 fun things each week. While I challenge some clients to find fun activities that involve movement, I didn’t even have that as a requirement here. I simply wanted this client to have more things to look forward to, whether that’s coffee with a friend or a walk through the park! 
Fine Tune Food
As we achieve the steps above, we work through her diet, fine tuning her choices and balance of food.
Physical Therapist
In addition to mobility work each day, I paired her with a physical therapist to really work on those problem areas.
Sleep Improvement
The last piece of the puzzle, so to speak, was her quality of sleep. I encouraged her to get an Aura ring and observe her patterns. 
Month 3
With a solid action plan in place, my client was almost completely out of pain by the third month. She reported not only feeling exponentially better, but that she was excited to wake up each day! She had things to look forward to, and I could feel the enthusiasm over our phone calls.
Month 6
At the 6 month mark, my client was a completely different person. She had moved on from using resistance bands in her workouts to actual weights, she was out of pain, and waking up excited!
Most importantly, she not only found a tribe, but was actually leading her group on a hiking trip! So, in just 6 short months, she went from being incredibly weak and feeling like her world was shrinking, to expanding beyond her wildest dreams and leading others on their own journeys. Talk about an incredible transformation in just half a year! 
Three Takeaway Tips
Awareness Check-in
Take a moment and check in with yourself. Do you feel like your life is expanding or contracting? Are you having fun and growing? Or do you feel like it is mundane and slowing? 
Understand Stress
Unfortunately, stress plays a huge role in so many of our lives. But, you must understand the ways it contributes to your quality of sleep. If you struggle with sleep like my client, you may want to not only do an awareness check about your life, but also take some time to evaluate your sleeping patterns.
Find a Tribe
Never underestimate the power of a tribe! My client’s life expanded so much when she discovered her tribe. Whether you find one through my staff and me or through a local community center class, put yourself out there. You’ll never be able to experience the impact if you don’t try.
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Monday Apr 15, 2024

I’ve decided to start a new mini series of episodes on the Fit is Freedom Podcast that are REAL stories from REAL Fit is Freedom members and how their journeys have fared. 
In this first installment, I’ll be sharing about a recent client who joined me about three months ago. After regaining 100 pounds and losing a great deal of her vibrancy with lots of unexpected life events, I share what she has been able to accomplish in just three short months! 
If I had a nickel for everytime I was asked, “How long will this health and fitness journey take?” I’d have a lot of nickels! 
In short, every person’s journey is completely different and unique, and that’s honestly what I love about what I do! But, I also understand the curiosity behind wondering how long a journey will take if you’re thinking about diving in and making a life change.
Journey to Reaching Your Goals: A Client’s Story
Three months ago I was re-acquainted with someone who used to be a part of my company years ago. Despite us losing touch, she kept up with me through the podcast, and I was so pleasantly surprised when she booked a phone call with me! 
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Lost Momentum
Before we lost touch, she was an incredibly active cycler. Over a three year period, she had lost over 100 pounds and was filled with motivation! When her family had to make a move, she lost her community, COVID hit, and her work took precedence over many aspects of her life. In short, the momentum she had gained was completely lost. 
When we reconnected, her main goal was to lose the weight she had regained. She was in a lot of discomfort and pain while also being under a great deal of stress with her job. She felt that the best ways to start alleviating some of those things was to start by making a plan to lose weight, and then move onto other aspects of health and fitness. 
Making a Plan
With this particular client, I knew her history. I knew how much she thrived in a community of cyclists who held her accountable and enjoyed her company. With this in mind, here are the main focuses we had for her plan of action:
Find a community. 
Dial in nutrition
Address the pain
Month 1
Throughout the first month, this client had already lost 10 points, but more important than that, her vibrancy was back! She was excited to meet and chat. She was excited to try new exercises, and she had things to look forward to! 
Month 2
By the end of the second month, she was down about 18 pounds, and her pain was considerably less! 
Month 3
Most recently, this client is down about 25 pounds. She is actively gaining muscle, and she reports that all of her hip, knee, and sitting pain is gone! She is very excited to keep the progress going! 
Three Tips for Getting Back on Track
If you are like this wonderful client of mine, you may be finding yourself wondering how you can get back on track! Here are my three tips to help you find your way back to fitness…
Community Matters
It truly makes all the difference in the world if you have supportive people around you! Whether it’s our team at Fit is Freedom, a local yoga class, or a best friend to go on walks with you in the evenings, find a community that works best for you! 
Make Movement Fun
If you dread it, you won’t do it! Find some form of movement that you enjoy! If you liked riding bikes as a kid, maybe you could give that a try again. If you enjoy being on the water, try kayaking or simply going on hikes. If you enjoy it, you’re more likely to do it! 
Get On Our List
Maybe you still aren’t totally sure how to get back on track, and that is OKAY! You can easily contact me, and get on our list here. We can schedule a call, and you’ll be one step closer to where you want to be!
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Monday Apr 08, 2024

This week on the podcast, I’m going to be sharing why I have found adventure a crucial part of my clients’ and my own personal journeys to happiness and health. I’ll be discussing what adventure means, my three big reasons why you should be doing it, and three action tips to getting the “adventurous” ball rolling, so to speak! 
Every week you tune into the Fit is Freedom Podcast, you’ll hear me mentioning “a touch of adventure” as part of the journey to health and wellness. But, why is adventure so important? 
What is Adventuring? 
Adventure can have a variety of meanings. For me, personally, adventure typically includes being outdoors and doing something active. Oftentimes, I feel especially adventurous if it is a new experience like trying a new hike in the Smoky Mountains or stand up paddleboarding in a new place. 
For some, that may be a bit too much, and that is OKAY! Adventure could mean taking your grandkids to the zoo or going for a walk on vacation. Simply taking time to be outdoors, challenging yourself and doing something novel can really have an impact on your overall health. 
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Three Reasons for Adventure
Here are my three main reasons that you should start adding a little adventure in your life! 
You’re NOT too old
It’s the age old excuse (pun intended), but it just doesn’t hold any weight! I’ve had clients in their 50’s start hiking and backpacking for the first time. There are people who do their first marathon or triathlon in their 60’s. It’s never too late to start adding a little fun, so the best time to start is now! 
Get beyond your comfort zone
No matter your age or fitness level, it’s great for your mind, body, and soul to go beyond your comfort zone. I had a client a while back who really wanted to see the Smokies. She never thought she’d be able to hike the trails, but after hard work and preparation, she did! She pushed beyond her fears, and she’s now bringing her husband and grandkids, creating lifelong memories that they never would have otherwise done!
Expand your horizons
Going on adventures expands you. When we’re expanding, we’re never contracting. As we age, people often see their worlds and experience getting smaller and smaller. Adding adventure does just the opposite! 
Another client of mine wanted to learn to stand up paddleboard. When she finally did it, she loved it! Because she loved it, she started taking classes and meeting other people who loved it as well! Before she knew it, her life had expanded beyond what she would have dreamed, just by simply trying one new thing. 
Three Tips for Adventuring
If you’re not sure how to get started with a new adventure, here are my main tips for getting started…
Before you decide to add some adventure to your life, take some time to dream a little! What do you enjoy? How do you like to move? What does your community have to offer that you’ve never tried before? 
Find a dream, no matter how small, and then you’ll be ready to put a plan in motion. 
Depending on the adventure and your current fitness level, you’ll probably need to train for it in one way or another. My typical rule of thumb is to allow 3-5 months of preparing if your adventure is on the more strenuous side. For example, a backpacking or kayaking trip would require more intensive training than simply trying a paddleboard. 
Find Community
Lastly, find your tribe! Find that friend who will go with you. Join a class that makes sure you’re not alone. Enlist an accountability coach or partner like myself. Your adventure will go to the next level when you do it with other people. Trust me! 
Upcoming Trips for Fit is Freedom
Speaking of incredible communities, we have three big trips coming up with limited availability! Be sure to check the Fit is Freedom website for more information on the following trips…
San Juan
Costa Rica
Smoky Mountain National Park
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Monday Apr 01, 2024

On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I am elated to be joined by Allison Jackson, author, podcaster, and health/wellness guru extraordinaire, who is going to walk us through how to handle health and wellness while struggling. She’s also going to leave us with her three big tips for wellness that are simple and easily-implementable! 
Have you ever wondered what happens to your health and fitness goals when your life is derailed?
Typically, we set these aspirational goals when things are going well. We are able to plan and prioritize health and fitness when the waters are calm. But, the moment a storm arises, it can be easier for some to simply jump ship and forget about everything altogether. This doesn’t have to be the case! As a matter of fact, it may even be better for you to continue focusing on your health when life gets hard. 
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All About Allison Jackson
Allison Jackson is the founder of Allison Jackson Fitness and focuses on helping high performing women prioritize their health, nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. She is an author, the host of the Fit to Lean Podcast, a personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, yoga instructor, pro masters figure competitor, and certified in sound healing! Needless to say, she has a great deal of experience in a variety of health and wellness avenues! 
Important Links
Allison Jackson Website
Allison Jackson on Facebook
Allison Jackson on Instagram
Allison Jackson Podcast
Why Woo-Woo Works
Health and Wellness While Struggling
Allison shares how her family went through an especially challenging few months in which her husband was hospitalized multiple times, she lost her job, and she lost a close friend. In life, it’s inevitable that these moments arise where we feel we are at the bottom of the metaphorical barrel. Here are some of her takeaways from that challenging time…
Find the Helpers and Blessings
Instead of focusing on the bad that is going on, spend time looking for the helpers and blessings that will inevitably arise. No matter the storm, there are going to be people in your life who will step up, offer help and encouragement, and try their best to support you. The more you are looking for instances of positivity, the more you will see it coming your way. 
Find What You Need
For some, they cope through mindfulness and journaling. For others, they need to shut themselves in their car and cry or scream. No matter what, it’s important to find a healthy outlet during your times of struggle. Find some other ways to release and get out of your head.
Listen to Your Body
If you are a high performing woman going through a challenging period, it’s important to listen to your body both with fitness and with eating. 
Maybe you typically wake up five days a week to workout, but you’re not sleeping due to anxiety or stress. Instead of pushing yourself past your limits, try adjusting and giving yourself grace. Instead of a big workout, you could simply wake up and walk or do some yoga. Keep your body moving, but also listen to what it is saying it needs.
Similarly, listen to your hunger cues. Whether you are going through a hard time or not, Allison shares the importance of intuitive eating and not restricting anything from your diet. Try making adjustments through nutritional commitments. Some commitments could include: eating protein with every meal, eating 2 fruits a day, incorporating one veggie with each meal, and more. Find a commitment that works for you to make sure you are taking care of yourself. 
Allison’s 3 Big Tips for Wellness
Train Your Brain
You wouldn’t leave the house naked, would you? Then, why would we wake with a start, diving into productivity before allowing our brain to get ready for the day? It’s so important for our health and wellness to take a few minutes in the mornings to meditate, reflect, journal, or do something that allows our brain to settle in and prepare for the day ahead. 
Get Outside and Move
Vitamin D and movement are so important to our overall health, no matter what is going on in your life. Try and find some time everyday to be outside and move your body. 
Prioritize Protein
As we age, protein becomes more and more important for our health and wellness. Aim to get a minimum of 30-40 grams of protein per meal. Bonus points go to those of you who can do this without distraction! Challenge yourself to eat your meals without any kind of screen or distraction, and you’ll be able to eat more intuitively!
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Monday Mar 25, 2024

Navigating your menopause journey can be scary. There are a lot of horror stories out there, and quite frankly, not a lot of research-backed information. Thankfully, we have Zora Benhamou joining us this week.
Zora the Explorer, as I affectionately call her, is joining us this week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast to educate us more on how we can make the best of our inevitable menopause experience, biohacking our way to health and strength well beyond all of the big changes. 
All About Zora
Zora Benhamou is a gerontologist and the host of the Hack My Age podcast, dedicating her life to educating and empowering women through the aging process. She was first inspired to learn more about aging through personal experience when her mother passed away at the young age of 57. After losing her mother, she learned that preventing your fate isn’t just genetics. As a matter of fact it’s only 20% genetics and 80% diet and lifestyle. It was a true lightbulb moment that led Zora to a career that she loves, helping others understand how to age gracefully and healthily. 
She not only has a passion for health and wellness but also adventure. Spending a large chunk of her life as an expat, she has traveled the world and lived in many different countries while speaking six different languages. Recently, she and her husband became empty nesters and embraced the nomadic lifestyle full time, living in a different country every 4-6 weeks! 
Important Links
Zora Benhamou Website
Zora Benhamou Facebook
Zora Benhamou Instagram
Get The fitness consistency book that will change your life!
Post Menopause
There is very little research done on older people, but there is even less research done on older women. Thus, there isn’t enough research on all of the changes women go through with menopause. 
There are, however, a few important things to keep in mind when going through menopause. First and foremost is a necessity to keep your bones strong. The statistics on survival rates after falls in older women is staggering. Osteoporosis is a big issue that can be helped with action, but it’s important to keep an eye on. 
While some used to suggest that women slow down once menopause occurred, the opposite is really true. To keep your muscles and bones strong, women need to keep moving while also getting adequate sleep.
How to Stay Healthy
Throughout the aging process, you want to stay as healthy as possible. Zora shares a few tips…
Longevity starts in childhood. The earlier you start exercising and eating healthy, the better prepared you will be for the big changes that come.
Check in on mental and spiritual health. If your bucket keeps filling with stressors and worries, it’ll get too full. If it gets too full, it will overflow, and when it overflows, it will manifest in the body. 
Observe your body and its hormonal patterns. The earlier you know your patterns, the better prepared you will be. Take time to learn about yourself. If you still have a cycle, track it on an app. It will help you in the future. 
Learn about your body without being obsessive. Learn about your body, notice its movements, weight, and strength. Continue working on it, setting goals, and building strength.
Advice on HRT
As previously stated, there is little research done on women and the effects of hormone therapy. While it used to be discussed in a negative light, there is new research on the horizon suggesting otherwise.
Talk with your doctor, read new research and studies, and advocate for yourself and what you feel is best for your body during this time. 
Tips for Navigating Menopause
Do what you love!
Lift weights and use your muscles! 
Prevent injuries with flexibility/mobility!
Try some plyometrics!
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Monday Mar 18, 2024

Have you ever felt sandwiched between motherhood and being a caregiver for an elderly parent? If so, you are not alone! As a matter of fact, a staggering number of women find themselves in this very predicament at one point or another in their lives. It’s challenging to say the least.
On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I am thrilled to be joined by Laurie James, somatic relationship coach, author of Sandwiched, and host of the “Confessions of a Free Bird” Podcast. She will be walking us through not only the struggles of those who are in the stage of being sandwiched, but also how somatic healing can change your life, the effects of long term stress, and more. 
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All About Laurie James
Laurie James is a somatic relationship coach, focusing on helping women transform their relationships with themselves, their pasts, and their experiences. She is the author of Sandwiched, a “memoir of holding on and letting go,” and the host of the Confessions of a Freebird Podcast. Additionally, she offers courses that help women navigate dating in midlife. 
Important Links
Laurie James Website
Laurie James Facebook
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What does it mean to be “sandwiched?”
Being sandwiched is the experience many women face as they are raising children while caregiving for parents. It’s when they feel pulled in two opposing directions while also navigating life for themselves between the ages of 45-65. 
Personally, Laurie spent 14 years being sandwiched as she raised her children and cared for her parents. She experienced a great deal of burn out and heartache throughout this time, eventually resulting in the ending of her marriage. 
While her book walks readers through navigating this trying time, her podcast acts as the sequel. Confessions of a Freebird focuses on her newfound freedom as she now refers to herself as a “freebird” instead of an “empty nester.” No longer feeling sandwiched, she has a newfound opportunity to make herself a priority again.
All About Somatic Healing
A big piece of Laurie’s work is helping others through somatic healing. Somatic healing is body and mind work that helps people process past experiences in order to move on and find more self love. 
For example, if a woman struggles with finding strong girl friendships because of a past experience that made her distrust her friends, it will stay with her until she processes it properly from her body (through movement) and mind (belief system).
If you don’t process your experiences properly (whether they are big “T” or little “t” traumas, putting too much on your plate, or not getting out of your head), it will eventually catch up with you in a big way. Whether it’s a physical illness that lands you in the hospital or something less extreme, your body will make you stop if you don’t take the time to stop and process on your own! 
Action Tip
The final piece of this episode of the Fit if Freedom Podcast is a wonderful exercise Laurie James walks us through! You WON’T want to miss it! 
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